Growing in the streets of Calcutta now Kolkata and specially living near an area colloquially known as Brisul Haat , popularly known as juto bazaar, at Padmapukur on CIT road a  rare flourishing haat in the south of the city always gave us an opportunity to see and feel various leather goods very closely and gave us hands on experience for every type of leather goods.

Number of traders in this market place which is over a century old varies from 1,000 to 1,200 . Like a typical open market transaction starts early in the morning 5 am and continues till noon.

 Even, when the shopping malls and big players started invading the market, the growth of this market never stopped and it never had a shortage of customers.

Also regular shopping mall buyers and those who buy branded products visit this market and their number is on rise. Another fact is that the majority of customers cannot afford to buy from the shopping malls and a good number of them are nervous to enter those swanky shops. This market is also a ‘must visit’, place for many foreign visitors from across the globe specially westerners. After visiting this city Kolkata-one of the biggest leather hub in the world, and specially this place called Brisul Haat, people comes to know that leather goods can be for every one and for every pocket size……it is not something which only rich can afford.

So, since childhood we have seen leathers and leather goods very closely and have grown up with its smell.

Back in 2009 after coming down to UK for the purpose of living here with our family, we discovered that leather goods are considered here as an expensive thing which everyone can’t afford. It was really sad to see such an eco-friendly natural product is not a cup of tea for all. And constant increasing cost of leather goods here were forcing and still forcing consumers to switch to cheap alternative like – faux leather, rexine, PU, Plastic etc. Which is really sad to see because these types of material could be affordable to all but mostly those are chemically processed, non biodegradable and veryharmful to nature. Specially when the whole world is talking about Global Warming.

We also worked as an agent to many big companies and brands and helped them to import and source finished leather goods in best price from India- Kolkata.

And gradually we realised that some companies are selling these goods with a hefty price tag…simply because they want to cover every cost through this… visiting overseas factories to meet the manufacturers ( cost of flight & 5 star hotel facility back and forth ) expensive packaging, expensive promotion and marketing, advertising  strategy, excessive  profit margin  etc. and put the burden on the end user or customer. This practice gives everyone the feel that good quality leather goods means luxury with hefty price tag, which is not true.

Our Vision: To deliver high standard goods and prompt services and  free advice to our valuable clients and building healthy business relation.  

Dealing in leather goods, this business is so fascinating that finally we have decided to establish our own company here in UK- Hide London and take this to next level. Good quality leather has its own charm and beauty and it matures more with age, so in that sense this is of course a luxury but affordable luxury. Our aim is to deliver high standard products, services and advice to our valuable clients and encourage more and more people and business related to this product to create awareness about this fantastic natural material called leather and keep this business alive. Our purpose is not only to make good quality leather products and sell to individual buyers but also to serve and cater small online businesses, start-ups, wholesaler and retailers. We welcome every small, medium and big MOQ buyers and to make bespoke products for them to any specification. We do not believe in fancy packaging and expensive advertising and promotions to showcase our product… we have full confident in our product and it speaks itself.

We can confidently say that the quality of the leather we provide, there are many big brands who will not be able to offer the similar quality within our price bracket, they will be many times more than us in price. We also do not want to get stuck within UK and have a vision to explore worldwide. Our hard work , enthusiasm and love for this business gave us an opportunity to open our another branch office in France-Paris as well as a plan for our expansion.

Thank you!

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